Typeface design

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  • Date: 23 September 2020
Typeface design

Project: Persian Typeface Based on Naskh

Client: Personal Work

Date: 2019-2020

About: Kowli is designed to give an impression to the native readers with calligraphic touch. The inspiration for this typeface comes from Naskh which was written by Mirza Ahmad Nirizi, nicknamed Soltani, who is one of the greatest calligraphers and scribes of the Qur'an in the twelfth century AH. He is the founder of a special style in calligraphy that was welcomed by calligraphers after him and is known as Iranian calligraphy. I decided to design a typeface meant for various kinds of printed matter or material such as books, magazines, brochures, and posters. I started my visual research process pretty much by hand. I designed some of the letters and make them unique base on Neyrizi's Naskh. It is a proven fact that a typeface is not about the beauty of a single letter. It’s always about the whole set. Some letters showed to be extremely difficult to figure out. Especially the "ه"  family goes through many revisions during the design process and still does. I have decided to introduce this project as a font family that matches with English typeface or other languages. I started to design by hand and figure out the structure of each letter. I chose some baselines and started to match letters that have similarities with each other.






After I finished all letters by hand and sketched them on paper, then I transferred my sketches to the computer. Although working in Glyphs was a new step, I learned it on my own and converted my sketches to vector one by one. I have a short experience with Fontlab as well, but I decided to finish it with Glyphs.

After transferred all the letters, I started to write words and sentences with my new letters then I printed them on one page to find out where are the mistakes. Some thickness problems still needed to be improved which I changed them to have a balance between the letters.



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